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Where struggling Brain's get on the right path 
Parents natural develop your child’s brainpower so they can excel in life and achieve their dreams.  
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All individuals have so much untapped potential, yet we waste so much time.  
Is watching your child struggle learn new information painful? Are they behind their classmates? Do they suffer with ADHD, Dyslexia or other learning disabilities, causing poor grades, bad behavior, anxiety, depression . Do you feel like your child smarter than the come across in school, know they are a good kid you just haven't been able to teach them yet.  Do they feel this way? Read their minds.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln is quoted as having said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.”

Has repeating the same information over and over again not worked for you or your child... 
Facing obstacles everyday...
Teaching your child to play the victim will only hurt their future, Systems working against you and your child abilities. ie School ( IEP) , Medication community ( Drugs) , tutoring programs ( Repetition) .
Feeling the  Lack Of Time, The Lack Of Money, The Lack Of Knowledge...
Children grow up fast every moment you get to spend teaching your child something should be a blessed time. Having to spend money year after year on medication or tutoring with little to no result is frustrating. Listening to the professionals feeling like you can't help or doing anything is very wrong.
No future hope...
The emotional damage your child's feeling everyday about school I lived all my life. I can tell you from first hand experience it's not a great place to live in, feeling different, not normal ( what every that means) misunderstood, smarter than you come across to adults puts child in a state of fear all day long. What a waist of energy. . 
Remind them that waiting will have consequences, what will happen if they don't act now.
closing arguments.
Summarize the great results, offer,
bonuses, and guarantee. Last reminder of scarcity.
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